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ATClone offers a second add to cart button, completely customizable.

Guide to quickly setting up ATClone

Activate the second button add to cart: Activate the second add to cart button by clicking Yes.

Label: Choose the name of the second button by filling in the label field.

Display the quantity selector: If you do not want to display the quantity selector, uncheck this box.

Display the variant selector: If you do not want to display the variant selector, uncheck this box.

Skip the cart page and go directly to the checkout: If you want to skip the cart page and go directly to checkout, check this box.

Button width: Allows you to change the width of the button. If you put 0 then the automatic size will be displayed. Otherwise you can change the width by adding a value in px or %.

Add an image under the button: Add, if you wish, an image below the second button. For example a secure payment banner.

Location of the product template: Normally you should not touch this field. This will automatically find the template of your product page. If the second button does not appear, contact the developer of the theme you use to find out the location of the product template. Then fill in this field with the correct path.

Save: Save for changes to take effect.

We can help you make the second button "Add to cart" more professional on your shop and perfectly match your theme. Drop us a support request and get the coding done in 24 hours.

ATClone dashboard

ATClone dashboard
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